Saturday, July 07, 2007

Where the rails were...

Altensteig railway station
from the track side (See below)
Water is from the fire practice.

My memory of Altensteig railway station was a large wooden shed with the station building at one end. Imagine my surprise then, on finding this building stranded between a Supermarket car park and the Feuerwehr practice area.

The Feuerwehr training: Lights and everything, to the delight of the oldest boys.

No big shed to be seen. I just shoved that into my subconscious and took pictures, assuming that memory was playing up.
So I was quite relieved to find a picture dated 1996 clearly showing a very big wooden shed to the profile of the frame on the bakery wall. Another picture, taken from about the same place as the one at the top of this entry, showed that the track came in front of the building here, with the freight road stopping just before where where the black car is parked, and other lines coming out as far as the fireman's elbow visible extreme right. I have a possible prototype if I feel foolhardy enough to make a 7mm scale version...

No promises.

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