Friday, July 27, 2007


Last week (While we were in Essen) The Works received a package of 7mm stock very kindly sent by John Teal as they are now surplus to his requirements since changing to “00” gauge. The workbenc… my desk… I meant my desk, looks like a very small outpost of the Interlok workshops.

I'm still looking through them, but so far I've found this this nice flat wagon with Land Rover Defender- the wagon is a tiny bit narrower than my usual loading gauge, but can take the swapbody comfortably. Just as well as the Landy is likely to gain a new identity as a KÖB maintenance vehicle. The tanker behind unfortunately lost an end in transit (as did its 2 identical siblings) and will probably be used for parts.

There were loads of other bits, including several vans of different descriptions and a rake of coaches which I think I can adapt (I'll post pictures when the sun comes out again) and a few other bits that I reckon will probably live in the spares box and until I start working in Gn15. One suprise find was two shunters, built on old Hornby class 08 chassis. I have wondered about using them together and making a diesel Krokodil like this one which lives in the hills near here, possibly even strengthening the rods and taking out that missle wheel, but unfortunately I think the motors may be too unreliable for a tiny layout. Maybe when I have my outdoor model…

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