Saturday, August 04, 2007

Production line...

The Ostfildern Wagon works have finally completed their first wagon contract. -sort of. (They claim they managed it some time ago but the official photographer was't around.)

It still needs railings, transfers and weathering, but that can wait a bit until there are enough transferrequirements to make a whole sheet, and I’ve finally found a possible brake handle in the form of some plastic press-studs so I’ll experiment with these later. There are reports of several chassis under construction construction: hopefully they will eventually become a pair of wood wagons and another van, which should turn out like a later version of the sliding-door van on the Rhaetian Bahn.

The wood wagons are still being designed, but as the KÖB are going for maximum flexibility from their freight stock, so they will probably be designed to carry roll-on containers as well as wood.

There are also rumours of some heave-duty frame being fabricated, possibly for another wood wagon, and one of the RJR Branchline's carriages was seen entering the paint shops for some "Livery Testing". Photos promised "in a few days". or maybe next week...

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