Saturday, August 18, 2007


I’m still here.

The lack of entries in the last week is ironically despite reasonable progress on the model. The three chassis are now mounted on bogies/trucks, and I’m experimenting with a Black Dog Mining wagon. I’ve also found a German supplier for plasticard after kind German speakers on the 'Gnatterbox' took pity on struggling Brit (again) and explained the correct name for it.
All this has made me realise that the layout really needs to be built or my display track will start looking like Barry Scrapyard on a busy day, so I was had a serious recycling session, and went around asking local shopkeepers for their used cardboard. Fortunately one of these shopkeepers stores his stock in our garage and as he usually has to take cardboard away for recycling, he cordially invited me to take the stuff away by the armload.

Trouble is, cardboard is hardly the most exciting subject for photos, and after careful research I can verify that it looks exactly the same in Germany, so I don’t think you’ll be wanting to see a picture of the stuff. Those wanting visuals will have to wait until I actually do something with it...

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