Monday, January 22, 2007

Spending money.

I’ve finally taken the plunge and ordered bogie parts and wheels, ater a lot of kind assistance from various persons on forums and Alan Gibson. All I need to do with G1 now is put on the lacquer and finish or replace the roof, possibly put a number on it and install a driver. I've had a look at my modelling budget and ordered a few bits and pieces, like some Y25 and Gloucester bogies from Cambrian models, and I’m hoping to build a van and a container wagon to run on them, and when I've built up my courage, some sort of driving trailer. This would be partner to the as yet still mythical railcar.

For building all this I’ve also ordered some plasticard (from Slater’s in Matlock: I know there must be somewhere that sells plasticard in Germany but Google can’t find them) and three figures from Omen. Now to see if the doors on G1 really are the right size...

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