Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Busman's Holiday

Back home after a long overdue holiday flat sitting for a friend who lives near the french border. Mind you, I've been doing a bit there as well. Spurred on by the article that was published, I spent a day with Stephan, my oldest son, travelling around local stations and taking pictures for future articles. I’ve now got a small pile of films to be developed. The apartment where we were flat-sitting was owned by an ex-locomotive driver, so I ended up in a lot of long conversations which gave me far more material that I thought possible, and which improved my German as it was all given in “Elsaßich”, the local dialect in the region.

We returned on Tobi’s second birthday, and missed our train. Fortunately in Germany this just means you have to catch another train, and in our case we ended up going through the Black Forest, which took longer but gave us some awesome views, and then we met a very friendly driver who not only let us go in the cab but allowed Tobi to sit on his seat as a birthday treat. Stephan and I then travelled in the cab for about half the journey home, which Stephan loved and which gave me enough information to start yet another article...

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