Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Invisible Progress

I am still working on Growler 1, honest, it’s just that our digital camera has decided not to work for some reason so I can’t take pictures. If I could, you’d see that the glazing is in, and the cab completed. I’m not totally happy with the joins on the corners, but apart from that it’s come together well. The project was intended to be a learning experience rather than a fine scale model anyway, and the beauty of this scale is that I can always build another body to fit on the chassis later as my skills improve. Hopefully.

I’m also hunting down bogies for the next project, which I reckon will be some bogie freight stock. I’ve found some kits but I’ve now got to find some wheels with bearings. It’s a far cry from my teenage modelmaking and getting everything ready to run in a nice red box, but there’s no way I’d want to go back...

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john said...

Finally signed up for an account so that I can leave comments!!!

Looking forward to seeing growler, and bachmaan do various bogie sets that include the bogie and metal wheels usually about £2.50 per pair.