Thursday, June 14, 2007


In this region of Germany everyone is obliged to keep the pavement clean outside of his or her house, so every Saturday we all go out in the afternoon and sweep. My eldest son’s kindergarten asked me to keep their section of pavement clean and look after the garden, and shift the snow in winter. they even offered a small retainer, and as the snow shovelling is a lot of heavy work and has to be done by seven in the morning I’d get extra for that. I agreed to do it –I’m self employed and don't have many appointments at 0600- then a couple of months ago I noticed that the hinges on the shed door had given up hope and looked likely to drop on one of the children. This is not good, so I offered to repair them and the agreed and agreed to pay me extra for that as well. Now the job is developing into general gardening/care taking. I could think of worse ways to earn pocket money.
This is a roundabout way of saying that I just got paid for the first four months of the year, plus snow, plus repairs, and they realised they hadn’t paid me for several months for last year as well, so I’ve had a bit of a windfall and things can get moving a bit faster on the model, get a new baseboard together and hopefully even get a Bullant chassis.
It all makes the early morning snow shovelling worthwhile…

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