Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I'm learning how to use "The Gimp" at the moment, and it occured to me that as Connex/Veolia Group run a lot of the local railways, with a bit of a different history they may well have taken over the KÖB, so I tried some image manipulation into their livery. What do you think? I think I prefer red.

This is not quite the sum total of my progress but it's not far off. I'm hoping that the current work deluge will calm down soon and I can get back to ma true vocation. Real progress may be a while though as we're off to visit family in Japan in April/May. On the other hand that's a chance to travel on/photograph/experience some real main line Narrow gauge so the blog will likely be active.

I've also found a model railway association around here which I may even join as they are very big on familiy activities involving model railways. We shall see...

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