Saturday, March 17, 2007


Or: More learning The Gimp…

Here is the location of the KÖB, just on the northeast corner of the Black Forest. All the railways apart from the KÖB are real, if rather inaccurately drawn. Spitzenwald is fictional, but the other towns all exist although Dachsburg is moved slightly. If you are so inclined, you can even find Wildberg on Google Earth by entering “72218 Wildberg Germany”

The numbered railways are all 1000mm lines that existed in the Black Forest:

1: “Todtnauerli” running from Zell im Wiesental to Todtnau;
2:Müllheim-Badenweiler, electrified, but I don't know what voltage- nand I can't find anyone who does, and:
3:“Alternsteigerle“, from Nagold to Altensteig

There were plans for another electrified 1000mm line from Todtnau to Freiburg and a steam operated one from Todtnau to meet the standard gauge near Titisee, but this was never built. Strangely, no-one really knows why.

This map was made for a magazine and had to be black and white. When I get time I’ll post a rather better colour map of the KÖB showing how Spitzenwald fits into the overall scheme of things. I have been planning Spitzenwald itself as well. More on that soon.

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