Monday, December 04, 2006

Test Piece

I’ve been slowly painting a test piece of plasticard (One of the failed chassis pieces, which has since been drilled, cut and glued to test all sorts of stuff) over the week the better to figure how to use acrylic paint, the results are shown in the picture above. As per instructions from Dave Balcombe and others, I slapped on thin washes and allowed the colour to build up. I’m at seven coats and counting. The ‘Red’ side (Cadmium red dark) seems to be coming along nicely, not too much evidence of brush strokes and a generally strong colour, if a bit dark. The ‘Orange’ side (Cadmium red light) was a test to see what colour it came out. One issue is that even after using a primer I find the paint rubs off easily. I’m hoping that this will be remedied with a coat of varnish, and that I don’t have to avoid handling the stock…

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