Friday, September 15, 2006

5 seconds can make a difference

So yesterday afternoon I decide it's time to stop piddling about and order the track. I go online and find a good offer on Ebay, take a deep breath, and blow the €55 I've saved on 6 yards of flex track, two L/H mid radius points and two R/H. It'll be delivered to family in the UK who are coming to visit in a few weeks.

Three minutes after I commit to the sale and empty my track budget, and a bare five stinkin' seconds after the Paypal confirmation comes through, I get an email from John Holland, the tireless second hand sales officer for the 7mm narrow gauge association in England. He's been looking for some track for me and he's finally got some in. He is offering me 12 sets of points, delivered to Germany, for about €25.

Well at least I have some track.

I'm trying look on the bright side.

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