Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Van in the sun

Finally the sun put in an appearance, allowing me to post pictures of van 1. The original can be found here for comparison... Overhead view showing lead weighting and Meik trying to look nonchalant.

Number 1 end after Meik was shooed off... This has the beginnings of a brake platform which I may have a roof over, although this is based on an earlier, short roofed batch delivered to the RHB in the 70's

Number two end, slightly better lit and showing the apparently successful DG coupling.If you're thinking the buffer is a bit small you are probably right. I'll try and rectify that somehow

Underside showing the new and improved bogie fitting method. I'm not going to show you the old one as it was far too embarrassing. Another title for this may be 'Lost in space' because those bogies are. I'm really wondering about casting my own. In the meantime I'll use Cambrian's FTB6 units.

Next job is the two main doors with bracing and figuring how to fit those on and have them connected with the roof. There are other developments aside from this. I'll post details soon.

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