Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hoods for Growler 1

After five attempts at making decent hoods for growler 1 I’ve finally managed to get them to work out as I’d like. I came very close to a complete redesign of the loco with square bonnets but I was too stubborn to know when to give in. Even after one of the hoods was complete, it disintegrated when I tried to glue strengthening pieces to it. However, now that stage of the model is over and I can start thinking about the cab.

On top of that the model shop I ordered my track from has given up on Royal Snail postage and sent another batch of track- this time directly to Germany. Delivery expected at the end of this week.

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John Sharp said...

Hi Andy - Growler seems to be coming along very well - it's always good to overcome a tricky problem like the curves on the bonnet. I've been trying to get a 7mm scale loco finished - in brass - and I just can't get the cylinders and steam chests shape right - but I will - one day!